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Wiring Operator (m/w/d)




We are looking for a wiring operator (m/w/d) for a costumer in the aviation industry in Hamburg. The manufacturing operations mainly deal with: mechanical and electrical assemblies, routing of wires and harness realisation, assembly of harnesses and bundles onto structure.


Ihre Aufgaben:

  • making sure the necessary documents, tools and components are available and that their validity and general aspect is correct
  • executing the manufacturing operations described in the instructions and other documents provided whose validity he must check
  • reaching the objectives fixed by the Manufacturing Centre Manager in terms of : Time affected to this operation
  • required quality level of work, through the knowledge of the acceptation criterias as well as self-inspection
  • reporting to his hierarchy the issues and dysfunctions encountered, and proposing the solutions he foresees
  • filling in and stamping the quality records documents

Ihr Profil:

  • apprenticeship as mechanist (m/w/d) or electrician (m/w/d) in aviation industry or related field or equivalent required
  • three years’ experience in manufacturing

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